Is a Content Management System right for you?

Acmeweb solutions has been offering Content Management Systems for awhile now, and a post explaining what it is and whether it would be an effective solution for our clients is long overdue. We hope this article would be helpful to our existing and prospective clients who are looking to self-publish content on their websites.

A Content Management System (CMS) allows the user to create, manage, and delete content from their websites without the need for going through us to do these updates. This means you can add new pages, articles, or products on your website with easy to use tools that does not require technical knowledge of HTML (although a little know-how would be useful). Adding content is very similar to editing a Word document, with tools for font-formatting, adding new images and the like. The system also allows you to add, and manage the links for your navigation menus.
Of course there are limitations with CMS’s, for example you can only typically edit the content, but you cannot do any updates to the layout or general design of your site. Your site will be defined by a general layout, with a “content region” where your content will go. The position of the navigation menu will also be defined and cannot usually be moved to another position unless the layout allows for this flexibility. However these are all normal conventions for websites, and they aren’t really flaws, they are just something to keep in mind with websites in general.

A CMS is a great fit with most companies looking to manage the content for their websites, but there are situations wherein a static website would serve you better. One would be if you do not update your website on a regular basis. If you do not really see your company adding and updating content on your site often, it would be more cost effective to go with static website. Some layouts also do not lend itself very well to the standards of CMS’s, but this situation is rare.

Keeping your content up to date is a key factor in keeping your visitors coming back to your website, and a Content Management System is the perfect tool for publishing and updating it. Acmeweb has considerable experience in various CMS’s, so if you are interested and have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.