About Us

Not a long time ago, the internet changed the whole idea of how people communicate. With this new change, came things that were until then, the stuff of science fiction and movies. Who could have thought that it would be possible for us to communicate and be seen halfway around the globe right from our very own living room? Or conduct a meeting from our kitchen with someone in another country… yes truly the Internet has changed the way we lived and do business.

The world of the Internet, it powers the business world’s need for exposure, extends the boundaries of a small business to global attention, and adds a twenty-four hour round the clock showroom to display your business and products to the world. Every business should take part in this large step in human technology which would essentially become another channel to commerce and industry.

But, along with this new change came problems that plagued the common users of this idea and would give a whole new meaning to Technical Support. So a few people with solid experiences in Web Design, Web Development and Construction, Call-center operations, Technical Support, Marketing, Logistics and Public Relations got together to address this problem. They thought of a one-stop-shop for most of the internet needs of a business they called this AcmeWeb Solutions.

That’s why here at AcmeWeb, our staff constantly undergoes a series of exercises and innovative ideas backed by time and experience to support a highly skilled, exceptionally dedicated and heavily competitive team in all fields of the internet… because only the best should be allowed to handle what is fundamentally a lifeline for your business to each consumer.

AcmeWeb Solutions was born out of a dream to provide businesses with affordable, reliable internet web solutions and to provide a service level superior above all others. From packages modified to suit each business’s needs to dependable technical assistance when needed.

Our web development staff can customize your website to your preference, technical support teams will provide the necessary help when called on, and the customer welfare services will see to it that every complaint, suggestion, or questions is thoroughly acted upon – that’s why customer services has a direct line to the Administrative Department. At AcmeWeb we do not treat our clients as statistics – they are the reason why we are in business.

“We keep your site online so you can have peace of mind.”