Eudora 5.1 (Light Mode)

  1. Open Eudora.
  2. Click Tools > Options.

  3. Click Getting Started from the Category list.
    • Enter your full name in the Real name field.
    • Enter your full email email address ( in the Return address field.
    • Enter in the Mail Server (Incoming) field.
    • Enter your email username ( in the Login Name field.
    • Set the SMTP Server (Outgoing) to and select Allow authentication.

  4. Select Checking Mail from the Category list.
    • Your information should be prepopulated based on your Getting Started settings.
    • Set Secure Sockets when Receiving to Required, Alternate Port.

  5. Select Incoming Mail from the Category list.
    • Ensure that the Leave mail on server and Skip messages over 40K in size options are not checked.
    • Select Passwords for Authentication Style.

  6. Select Sending Mail from the Category list.
    • Check the box next to Allow authentication.
    • Set Secure Sockets when Sending to Required, Alternate Port and click OK.

  7. Click OK and then verify your settings by clicking File > Check Mail.