The web has become vastly important to just about any company. Having a presence on the internet and sustaining it can benefit a company tremendously, even allowing smaller companies to compete on the same level as larger ones.

AcmeWeb has a host of solutions that can help you create and maintain an online presence that is effective, practical and robust. Be it a brochure-type website to showcase or give information about your company, an e-commerce site, a community portal, or even an internal intranet system to facilitate internal communication within the company, our team’s collective experience can ensure that you will get the best possible solution for your needs.

Web Design

We can seamlessly transfer your company’s identity to the web, maintaining its distinctive personality.

We pride ourselves in building content-focused, user-centric sites. We understand that a site’s primary function is to relay information, and we ensure that we do not compromise usability for the sake of eye-candy. We strive to build lightweight, optimized pages that integrate striking, high-impact designs as well as wide cross-browser compatibility.

Updates are also an integral part of our projects and we ensure that any changes or additions to our client’s sites are done as quickly as possible. We remind and encourage all our clients to contact us regularly for any updates that they want posted on their sites.

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Web Development

Ready to venture out into the world of e-commerce? AcmeWeb can provide you with the right infastructure and system to properly service your customers.

Need a dynamic portfolio for your company’s extensive catalog? Need an ordering/ shopping system to sell your products on the web? We can provide you with an integrated solution that is easy to use for both you and your customers. Let us make a system that works for you. We can customize it so that everything just fits.

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Web Hosting

You don’t want to sweat the details. We make sure that your site gets minimal downtime as possible. The only thing you need to know is, our servers are fast, very stable, and therefore as reliable as it gets.

Our Data Centers are monitored 24 / 7, equipped with redundant UPS systems and generator backup, and connected to 5 separate backbones connected to Juniper and Cisco routers.

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Web Consultancy

Use our experience and expertise to get your online presence a boost. If you prefer to get your hands dirty and develop your site in-house, we can augment your efforts by offering valuable advice.

We can provide accessibility reports -pointing out accessibility problems and what can be done to fix them-, optimisation reports -an in-depth study that can identify techniques to increase speed, flexibility, and search engine effectiveness-, and various guidelines that will fit your specific project requirements.

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